Curriculum and Instruction at Morley School

The word curriculum refers to the things students are expected to know and learn to do, the instructional strategies and other activities teachers use to help students learn, and the learning materials, including textbooks, teachers use with students. The curriculum at Morley is congruent with Lincoln Public Schools and provides students with important knowledge and skills necessary for success for future education at higher grade levels. As in any growing, changing organization, curriculum is periodically reviewed for the purpose of keeping it current and relevant to the needs of our students and society. The learning characteristics of our students are considered when making curriculum decisions. Curriculum is developed to provide options for the wide variety of student learning styles and abilities.

Goals for Students
Students enter school with diverse talents, interests and needs. Throughout the course of our students’ elementary education at Morley, we want them to develop through their greatest potential. It is the intent of the board and staff of all Lincoln Public Schools that all students, to the degree they are able, will:

  1. Demonstrate competency and fluency in the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics.
  2. Think critically and creatively, using higher order thinking skills to make decisions, solve problems and create new perspectives and possibilities.
  3. Understand the important ideas from the arts, humanities, sciences, and mathematics and understand the relationships among them.
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for living in a democracy and becoming a contributing member of society.
  5. Understand and celebrate the diversity and interdependence of our pluralistic, multicultural community, nation and world.
  6. Respect and care for themselves and others.
  7. Respect and care for the natural environment.
  8. Work with others productively and cooperatively.
  9. Become a lifelong learner.
  10. Develop skills to enter the work force.