Morley’s Traffic Pattern

One-Way Traffic Pattern for
drop-off and pick-up of 
students at Morley School

  1. Traffic will flow one way (from east to west) in front of the school, turning south at Pacific Street. Only DAYCARE CARE VANS and LPS BUSSES will utilize the area on the north side of Monterey Drive between Pacific Street and E. Bermuda Drive.
  2. There will be NO loading or unloading on the south side of Monterey Drive in front of the school. This is a “NO PARKING” area.
  3. Utilize alternate areas for pick-up/drop-off such as Sumner Street, East Bermuda Drive, the east side of 70th Street, etc.  Establish a spot where your child can walk to you instead of you driving to your child.
  4. Remember that there are staff members outside to help your child cross Monterey Drive and also 70th Street at arrival and dismissal times. Also, as students are dismissed in the afternoon, a staff member supervises the Monterey & E. Bermuda crosswalk. The supervision is provided when crossing streets and should give parents more confidence regarding their child’s safety.
  5. Carpooling with other families reduces the number of cars at arrival and dismissal times.  WE ENCOURAGE CARPOOLING!